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· Can code close-ended questions
· Can be sent to large numbers of people (larger sample size)
· People may be more likely to tell the truth if it is anonymous
· Less likely to have interviewer bias
· Less time consuming…read more

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· Low response rate (compared to interviews)
· Don't know who exactly has answered the questionnaire
· May be confusing
· Cannot go into great depths
· Lies-lacks validity…read more

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· Vital the right questions are asked and are well presented
· Poorly conceived questions will reduce response rate and be invalid
· Only ask for one piece of information at a time
· Avoid leading questions
· Give clear instructions…read more

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· Ask questions that allow for the level of information required
· Use natural and familiar language
· Start with interesting questions
· Don't make the list of choices too long
· Vary types of survey questions…read more


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