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Questions, questionnaires and data types
Question types
Open questions- these generate qualitive data.
Closed questions- these generate quantitative data.
Likert scale- a statement and a scale of set answers
e.g. I like school
Strongly agree, agree, not sure, disagree, strongly disagree
Filler question- these hide the true purpose of the questionnaire to avoid
demand characteristics.
Vague questions- are bad because people will not be able to answer them
true fully. This means your questionnaire will lack internal validity.
Double barred questions- ask 2 questions at the same time, so participants
find it hard to know which to answer.
Leading question- can give participants the answer leading to biased results.
Data types
Qualitive data
Written data about emotions, feeling and opinions.
Quantitative data
Data which can be easily summarised as amounts, it is usually numerical.


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