Quantitative Data Vs Qualitative Data

Hope you find my creation of qualitative Vs quantitaive data. It includes a brief description of the data, the advantages and the disadvantages. It's in PDF so you can download onto your space or stick it into your notebook like I did! It's useful not only for AS Psychology but for A2 and other courses too.


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QUALITATIVE DATA is about the quality of things. They are descriptions, words, meaning,
pictures, diaries, texts etc They are about what something is like OR how something is
experienced. Tends to be rich, indepth and give a real insight into an experience.
Lots of rich Numerical - two people may
detail interpret differently
= indepth insight = biased, experimenter effects,
into behaviour lacking reliability
A holistic view QUALITATIVE DATA It is hard to see patterns,
of behaviour uncover cause and effect.
Difficult to do stats analysis
Sheds light into
people's actual Triangulation ­
thoughts, feelings to check validity
and experiences
QUANTITTIVE DATA concerns the quantities of things. They are numbers, raw scores, % etc
Therefore they are measurements, telling us how much of something there is. Usually is easy to
collect and analyse, often objective. Qualitative data is usually reduced to quantitative data = for
comparisons and generalisations otherwise possible.
Experiments usually used
Objective, unbiased
= social desirability, DCs,
evaluation apprehension
QANITATIVE DATA as a response
Statistical tests
= for comparisons
= cause and effect False impression of a scientific
Quick and easy method
= large samples (fails to give an insight)
psychometric tests do
not fully explain/ cover
individual responses



A great summary of Qualitative and Quantitative methods which would work well as a poster or classroom resource.

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