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Findings Conclusions
Asch 25% never gave a wrong answer strong tendency to conform
75% conformed at least once pressure
5% conformed every time group agreement is necessary to
participants that did not conform said they had `confidence life
in their judgement' the effect of conformity depends
those who did conform…

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Loftus and experiment 1: Findings show a single word can ef
Palmer `smashed' had the highest mean speed at 40.8MPH witness's answer.
`contacted'had the lowest mean speed at 31.8MPH Loftus and palmer said:
the critical word effects the partici
experiment 2: response
people who had the word ` smashed' were…

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a person can recover from a broke
over that time they were given 2100 tablets a physical injury) but can never rec
from schizophrenia (a mental disor
study 2: they are labelled in remission
Rosenhan did not send any pseudo patients but...
41 were judged to be a pseudo patient…


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