PY2 Case Studies Findings and Conclutions

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Findings Conclusions
Asch 25% never gave a wrong answer strong tendency to conform
75% conformed at least once pressure
5% conformed every time group agreement is necessary to
participants that did not conform said they had `confidence life
in their judgement' the effect of conformity depends
those who did conform said that they `did not want to spoil extent of the majority
the results'
ASCH found:
group size raises conformity
a truthful confederate reduced pressure to conform
an inaccurate confederate reduced pressure to conform
Milgram MILGRAM asked 14 Yale students to predict the results they ordinary people are just as likely to
said that 0-3%would administer full 450 volts the `Germans are different' theory
65% administered full 450 volts disproven
12.5% refused after 300 volts people were persuaded by Yale's
0% stopped before 300 volts prestigious setting, the $4.50 paym
35% defied the experimenters authority and the novel situation
participants showed : nerves, sweating, biting their lip,
nervous laughter
3 participants suffered from `full blown seizures'
A follow up questionnaire was sent out 92% responded
84% were happy to have taken part
74% said they had learnt something of personal importance
Rahe et al positive correlation of 0.118 (high due to the sample size) illnesses were generally minor and
low stress= 1.4 mean illnesses significance but provided consisten
medium stress- 1.7 mean illnesses results
high stress= 2.0 mean illnesses analysis suggested older people we
more susceptible to illness with life
positive linear relationship between intensity of life changes change
and health was acquired
Bennett-Le rats were feared considerably more than any other, it was perceived harmfulness causes fear
vy and suggested they were perceived as the most harmful perceived characteristics and uglin
Marteau rabbits were the least feared contribute to fear
females were less likely to approach animals than men Findings could help treat people w
men in group 1 rated themselves less fearful than women phobias by dealing with the percei
but just as responsive to the characteristics in group 2 (0.96 characteristics.
ugliness and nearness 0.87
ugliness and fear 0.82
sliminess and nearness 0.77
Gardener 30 wordsmet the criteria set by the Gardeners The gardeners did not answer the
and 4 wordswere judged as stable but did not meet the criteria question as they thought it was ag
Gardener the spirit of their research.
7 months= 4 signs HOWEVER, they did show that sign
14 months=13 signs language is an appropriate languag
21 months=30 signs chimps as washoe was able to lear

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