PY2 Case Studies Procedures

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Asch Student volunteers
123 male volunteers from 3 US colleges
students were told they were taking part in a `vision test'
1 naive participant in a group of 68
all other participants were confederates
Naive participant was always seated last/second to last to hear everyone else'
participants shown 2 white cards
1 card had one vertical black line, the other had 3 black lines of varying length
participants asked to match the correct lines
confederates answered the first question right
confederates gave 12/18 wrong answers
Milgram 40 men of different intelligence levels
all volunteers
they were paid $4.50 on arrival
participants were informed the study was on memory
the study was conducted at Yale university
roles were picked out of a box ( both had teacher on them, however the
confederate lied, >this ensured the participant was always the teacher)
experimenter used a white coat to show his authority
generator had 3 levels: mild, intense, XXX
the learner (confederate) was shocked with each wrong answer
after 300 volts the learner protested and then stopped replying
if the participant protested, the experimenter told them "the experiment requires
you continue"
a full aftercare program was offered to participants
Rahe et al 2664 men
marine personnel average age 22
participants were required by the military to fill in their version of the SRE which
documented significant life changes
each participant completed the SRE every 6 months over a two year period
each life change was given life change units that reflects the severity of the
event experienced
a research physician went aboard and looked at the medical records
the most minor health changes were recorded ( ensuring reliability)
any visits to the medical unit thought to be motivated by dodging work were

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Neither participants nor medical staff were aware of the experimental hypothesis
and Marteau 2 questionnaires given out
113 participants in a British health centre
random distribution
group 1 given questionnaire 1
mean age was 35
measure of fear and avoidance of 29 harmless animals
fear scale: 13 ( 1=not afraid 3=very afraid)
nearness scale: 15 (1=enjoy picking up 5= more than 6 foot away)
group 2 given questionnaire 2
mean age 35
measured perceptions of the same 29 animals
3 point scale used (1=not…read more

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Loftus and 45 students
Palmer shows 7 film clips of accidents
After each clip they were given a questionnaire, in each questionnaire there was
a critical question "how fast were the cars going when they ________ each
the words varied : hit
experiment 2:
new set of 150 students
shown a film of a multiple car crash
group 1 asked: "how fast were the cars going when they smashed "
group 2 asked: "how fast were the cars going when…read more

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Gibson and GIBSON AND WALK designed the visual cliff
Walk It controlled optical and auditory stimuli
The room was lit from the floor so it didn't reflect off the glass
Large glass sheet
One side patterned
One side glass
Same pattern placed on the floor under the glass
Formed a `visual cliff'
36 614 month olds were tested all could crawl
Nonhuman animals included: kittens, dark reared kittens, rats, rats with
hoods and turtles.…read more

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Estonia people applying for a marriage license
Venezuela 5th house in every neighbourhood
Germany respondents to a newspaper ad
Questionnaires were changed to reflect different cultures for example cultures
that practice polygyny.
2 measuring instruments used
rating participants used a 4 point scale ( 0 being unimportant 3 being
18 characteristics rated including : financial prospects, good looks, chastity
ambition and industriousness.…read more


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