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Asch Student volunteers
123 male volunteers from 3 US colleges
students were told they were taking part in a `vision test'

1 naive participant in a group of 68
all other participants were confederates
Naive participant was always seated last/second to last to hear everyone else'

participants shown…

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Neither participants nor medical staff were aware of the experimental hypothesis
and Marteau 2 questionnaires given out
113 participants in a British health centre
random distribution

group 1 given questionnaire 1
mean age was 35
measure of fear and avoidance of 29 harmless animals
fear scale: 13 ( 1=not…

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Loftus and 45 students
Palmer shows 7 film clips of accidents

After each clip they were given a questionnaire, in each questionnaire there was
a critical question "how fast were the cars going when they ________ each

the words varied : hit
experiment 2:

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the other was completed by 2 nurses ( one day, one night) they recorded
patients actions
both were unaware of the experimental hypothesis

Gibson and GIBSON AND WALK designed the visual cliff
Walk It controlled optical and auditory stimuli
The room was lit from the floor so it didn't reflect…

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questionnaires used
variety of people used
for example: Estonia people applying for a marriage license
Venezuela 5th house in every neighbourhood
Germany respondents to a newspaper ad

Questionnaires were changed to reflect different cultures for example cultures
that practice polygyny.

2 measuring instruments used
rating participants used a 4 point…


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