Notes on Purcell

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Grief/Dido's inevitable fate/Despair
1. G minor ­key of grief
2. DissonancesBar 12 tritone
3. Descending melody lineC down to a D
(a 7th) bars 17
4. Use of mellisma emphasises words like
laid or grief Bar 2 of Recitative in Dido's
part, AriaBar 8 in Dido's part
5. Strings move together, slowlymelody
dom hom Aria:557
6. 3742 fragmented vocal lines
7. Static2628Didowaiting for the end
8. Repitition2223 emphasises trouble
9. Ground bassperfect cadences every 5
10. With the addition of the string parts in
the Aria, the chords become clear in the
perfect cadences that mark the end of
the ground in bars 1011, 1516, 2021
etc. By remaining in 1 key.
11. The melody of bars 2536 (repeated in
bars 3646) is fragmented giving the
impression that Dido's despair is so
deep that she can hardly continue.
12. Climax of the whole songshe reaches
her highest note in bar 33, after which it
falls hopelessly through a flat 7th (F
natural in bar 34) back to the tonic (bar

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Short, detached phrases with silences
to suggest sighs Bar 2528
14. At the end she breaks off before
instruments do.…read more


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