Pulmonary tuberculosis

Pulmonary tuberculosis, AQA, A2, :)

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Elly Thynne and Jack Winterschladen xxxxxx
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Causes: Mycobacterium tuberculosis OR mycobacterium bovis
Symptoms: coughing, tiredness, loss of appetite weight loss
TRANSMISSION... hey how does it get in u? :S
Spread through droplets ... sneezing, laughing, talking, coughing.
Bacteria doesn't die straight away, can survive for weeks even after droplet is dry!!
It normally takes close contact over a long period of time rather than just a casual meeting in the
Did you know..? TB can be spread from cows to humans because
mycobacterium bovis also infects cows!
Which groups of people are at greater risk do you ask???
1. Those living in overcrowded conditions
2. Long term care facilities where people live together ­ care homes, prison, hospitals
3. Countries where TB is common
4. Those with weakened immune systems eg- Aids, malnourished, old, homeless
What happens once its in you?!?!?! :S AHHHHHH
Once inhaled...
1. Bacteria grow and divide in upper regions of lungs (where there's most O2)
2. White blood cells accumulate to try and get rid of it
3. This leads to inflammation of lymph nodes
This is called the PRIMARY INFECTION, usually occurs in children and there's hardly any
BUT... some of the bacteria may sneakily stay inside of you and re-emerge many years later to
cause a second infection of TB This is called POST-PRIMARY INFECTION.
It also happens in upper regions of lungs, but this time the bacteria destroy the lung tissue,
resulting in cavities, and where the lungs try to repair themselves, scar tissue is formed.
What happens then? The person coughs up the damaged lung tissue containing the bacteria,
and along with it comes blood


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