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Pulmonary Fibrosis
Scars on the Epithelium
of the Lungs can be very
deadly…read more

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What is Pulmonary Fibrosis?
Pulmonary Fibrosis come about when scars
arise on the epithelium of the Lung
This makes it thick and remember for
diffusion to occur linings of the alveoli has to
be thin
So oxygen can't diffuse into the blood as
Fibroses also reduce the elasticity of the Lungs
When breathing out the lungs need to spring
Fibroses makes it difficult to breath out
therefore ventilate…read more

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The Effects & Explanation
Shortens Breath, especially when
exercising Chronic, dry cough
Less air is being taken into the Lungs at The fibrosis tissue creates an
each breath obstruction to the airways
Thickened epithelium of the alveoli Reflex reaction is to try and remove
increases the diffusion pathway the obstruction
Loss of elasticity makes ventilating Since the tissue is unmovable nothing
harder is expelled
Making it hard to maintain a diffusion Cough is described as `dry'
gradient across the exchange surface
Pain and Discomfort
Weakness and Fatigue
This is the consequences of the
pressure This is the result of the reducing intake
The damage is from the mass of tissue of oxygen into the blood
in the Lungs This means that the release of energy
Further damage caused by coughing by cellular respiration is reduced
This leads to tiredness…read more

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Treating Fibrosis
The exact cause of Pulmonary Fibrosis is unclear but evidence just suggest that it may be
due to microscopy injury to which the individuals are more genetically more susceptible.
Lung transplantation is the only therapeutic option available some types of
lung fibrosis can respond to corticosteroids (such as prednisone) this decrease
the processes that leads to fibrosis. The immune system is felt to play a central
role in the development of many forms of pulmonary fibrosis. The goal of
treatment with immune suppressive agents such as corticosteroids is to
decrease lung inflammation and subsequent scarring. The toxicity and side
effects of treatments can be serious.
Other Treatments:
cyclosporine…read more


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