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Biological Interventions

Smoking Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Involves releasing nicotine into the bloodstream in order to relieve the withdrawal
symptoms from smoking. Desensitises nicotine receptors in brain so if a person does
smoke, it is less satisfying. Releases nicotine into blood more slowly than cigarettes
meaning NRT is less satisfying, encouraging…

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and discomfort as a result of the amount of nicotine in the body. This leads to the
association between smoking and feeling ill.
Procedure: Participants were given a wristband with which they were told to
administer themselves with electric shocks when they touched a cigarette
packet, lit a match…

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Implemented a smoking ban at work for New South Wales ambulance staff. 6 weeks
later, smokers were given a questionnaire and a blood test. The findings showed that
staff reported less smoking at work and home (though problems with self report).
However blood tests showed increased smoking outside work hours.…


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