public health important dates

list of dates to know about public health

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1831- First outbreak of cholera in Sunderland.
1837- Registration of births, deaths and marriages by William Farr.
1839- Edwin Chadwick writes his report on `the unsanitary conditions of the labouring classes `stating
that `more people die of disease than war' and that' only the government can improve things'.
1844- Lord Shaftesbury health of town's commission repeats Chadwick's findings and sets up a
public health movement to get a law passed.
1847- 2nd outbreak of cholera, dirty party defeats public health bill.
1848- First PHA passed but not compulsory unless the death rate is 23 in every 1000.
1854- John Snow discovers the cause of cholera from Edwin Chadwick's report, broadstreet pump
and speaking to landlords about water supplies. 3rd outbreak of cholera.
1855- John Simon appointed government medical advisor he helped set up the 2nd PHA.
1858- The great stink, London gets its first sewage system built by Joseph Bazelgette. First public
health act disbanded.
1861- Germ theory discovered by Louis Pasteur.
1866- Sanitation acts, every town must have a local board of health. 4th and final outbreak of cholera.
1868- The Torrens artisan dwelling act introduced.
1875- The crosses artisan dwelling act introduced. Second PHA made compulsory to clean up towns
have proper sewage systems and clean water supplies, Joseph Chamberlain introduces municipal
socialism in Birmingham.
1890- Housing act in London allows building of rows of new terrace housing by private builders.
1909- Housing act extends building of terrace housing to the rest of the country by private builders.
1919- Addison's housing act provides money for the building of council housing from the
1924- Wheatley's housing act increases government money for the building of council housing.
1939- World war two blitz of many slums over the next 6 years.
1946- New town planning act ­ build new towns with houses and facilities ­ parks, schools, shops,
1960's- tower blocks introduced
1980's- people were encouraged to buy their own home.

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