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Pubily War Chanc Scine Invuaid Reglio Govme Commuc Attuid
heatly e s and ly n n gtion e`
tech gensiu
Preht Up to All No No Up to
oist you god govme
abbily you to
Good did nt no
to be
pubuoly not feacil
commiun clean.
form effec ty t…

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Scinc they had govme book.
e and worked to be nt Pairus.
tech clean meant
Free there
time. was a
Greck Idea Asscl Yes Yes Yes Yes Book Person
soicity ope in they god srotng wrting la
counr invte templ stuct devlope sport
tyy d es…

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odhea assplo
ling ines

Romm Empire Audu Poople Keep Stong Empire
e kndowlgde ted to to asscio taxes
Need to publy build ns for
be healty bath and pubily
for Toiiil desgin heahtl
figthing et this y
and going Sowe think
to war r This
lot of

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Dark Knwoe Knwo Knwo Knwoe Knwo Knwoe Knwoe Knwoe
ages gose back e e gose e gose gose gose
gose gose back gose back back back
back back back
Isaml Couged Holly Pritn Not Holly Govme Paper Need
other land bock g realy bock n facort to be
empierkno preac…

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clean king smelm
not no y so
inpoiapublu why be
nt heaylt clean
God y in
Renso No Prtin Re Less Not Whate
ince g brith relgio realy d to
press Old n Prting find
1454 way more press out
of eiunqr 1454 Don't
doing y…

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Early Edwari Still Less a Less a
inudst n there fairnvlol fair
ry chacdw god ed govme
1750- hick still 1st nt not
1900 1842 send publiy invlove
Report inlnne healty d
on the s act Rilwae
Sneaer passed tealch
tuy 1848 gaph
cobdtin Lead
of the fristr
labouri city…

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2nd Chaol Used John Great Chage
publy er a map show 5 ning
healty coem reahr doc stink attuiu
back e 500 1858 de
Chorl jong death form
ate show 10 ten govme
board day 1867 nt
stree ingatsg refor
t eted m act…

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Poor ng
quailty men
housing given
Lead to the
the vote
auissmt Passe
edeqlin d
g act 1875
Lous er
pasute dwelin
r g act
Germ slum
theroy can be
1864 kncoj

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1900 Ww1 Seebo Libar Railway
Home fit wn row refon now go
for heros tree 1906 every
War end Povert Free one
housing ya skil
act was study meal
now law. of Old
Built ¼ town poople
miloon new life pensio
home good n act
quialty Charles NI
Ww2 both…

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Free London Win
hrslty poor. gernal
care and y
ambuly 1942 eltiom
London bevage n
regrtion r labour
repott are
Beagner Wesfg for
reorty e form the
Waflet cradle poor.
sate to the 1948
grave. NHS
put in


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