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How can upbringing in a disrupted family explain criminal behaviour (10 marks)
A child who is brought up in a secure environment such as their home with happy
parents and no financial problems is seen as being likely to be more stable than a
child who grows up in an unstable, lacking, family that is striving to find money to
survive, with stress and fighting all around. The study by Farrington investigates the
influence of the family on the tendency to become involved in crime, specifically to
look at whether delinquency was more common amongst boys from permanently
disrupted families compared to intact families. Furthermore he aimed to study the
main risk factors that would lead a person to a life of crime. His results showed that
offending was concentrated in families, with 4% of 400 families accounting for 50% of
convictions. This gives support to genetic influence but could also be due to social
learning as 75% of convicted parents had a child who was also convicted. The study
also showed that the key risk factors that could to crime were disrupted family, both
in terms of bad parenting with poor parent supervision and also poor families with
low standard of living. Thus with evidence from Farrington we can argue that to a
large extent criminal families and poor parenting can lead to a likelihood of a criminal
lifestyle. Therefore upbringing in a disrupted family can explain criminal behavior;
this evidence can help the government reduce criminal behavior if there was to be
effective early intervention activities at under 10's.


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