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Discuss two or more
explanations of food
Information: Study: Evaluation:
Food preferences are - Davis (1928) Investigate the types - Findings formed the `wisdom of body' which
innate. Shown through of choices children make about their highlights innate food preferences.
studies observing babies diet. - High in ecological…

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Discuss attitudes
towards food and/or
eating behaviour
Information: Study: Evaluation:
Moods: One explanation Garg et al (2007) In his group of 38 ps - People who watched the sad film wanted a nice
see's eating behaviour they either watched a happy or sad tasting, indulgent, quick snack to help diminish…

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feeding, even when abdominal fat cells, which in turn
satiated. produce more NPY and fats cells and
so on.
Dual centre model of
feeding also seems to
deny us free-will,
because it assumes that
we will respond to a
However we can
sometimes override our
physiological drive to eat…

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explanations beneficial
as they consider cultural,
social and personal
influences on the
development of AN yet
this could still be argued
as reductionist for
ignoring the role of
biological influences.
Discuss research into
the success or failure of
Information: Study: Evaluation:
Restraint theory: Herman - Wardle and Beale (1988)…

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contradict the action of the SRRIs. This has been
supported by research which found that SRRIs
prevent relapse in recovering AN patients.
Dopamine: Individuals Kaye et al used PET scans to compare - This research would suggest that increased
with AN find it difficult to dopamine activity in the brains…

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more important than circumcision, Money suggested that - Milton Diamond challenged Money's theory and
biological influences. he should be reared as a girl. argued research shows the importance of pre and
- Other twin allowing a control peri-natal sex hormones on gender identity. In
sample for comparison. David's case he…

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such as men's gender-role activities performed by - Archival data is a permanent record which makes
aggressiveness and men and women. it possible for other researchers to assess the
competitive dominance. reliability.

Describe and Evaluate
one or more cognitive
developmental theories
of gender development
Information: Study: Evaluation:
Gender Constancy Thompson…

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must be related to social
-Little mention of
biological factors, when
they can explain the
division of labour better.
Describe and Evaluate
explanations for gender
Information: Study: Evaluation:
Division of Labour: - Kuhn and Stiner (2006) suggest that - Although this is a plausible explanation, there are…

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-Acquire new behaviours on gender development. They found - Bandura did not deny the role of biological
by observing other that children imitated same-sex factors in social learning; starting point for social
people and imitating this. model behaviours, as long as the learning knows what sex you are.
behaviour was…

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Variations of gender Mead (1935) Conducted a classic - Suggests cultural relativism, some behaviour is
roles: Shown through study on social groups in Papua New innate and universal but the degree to which these
meads study Guinea. behaviours are expressed is relative to the
Arapesh= Gentle, cooperative, and particular culture.…


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