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What is Abnormality?…read more

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LO: Explain the cognitive
approach to abnormality.…read more

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Depression with CBT ­ Woman interview…read more

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Cognitive model of
Definition : The view that stresses the role of cognitive
problems (such as illogical thought processes) in
abnormal functioning.…read more

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Assumptions of Cognitive model
· Abnormality is caused by
faulty thinking.
· Examples of faulty thinking
include; maladaptive
assumptions and recurring
upsetting thoughts.
· These thoughts lead to
mental illness such as
depression.…read more

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Cognitive approach
· The aim of cognitive therapy known as CBT is to challenge
irrational and dysfunctional thought processes.
· Two examples of the cognitive approach are:
Beck's cognitive therapy for depression
Ellis' rational-emotive therapy
Who defines normality and why should their interpretation be
acceptable?? What may seem normal to one person may seem
unacceptable to the next..…read more

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