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3 Psychologists
Video for Michael Persinger
By Alison…read more

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Vilayanur Subramanian "Rama"
· Neuroscientist (an individual who studies the
scientific field of neuroscience or anything related
to it) known for his work of behavioural neurology
and visual psychophysics.
· Rama is noted for his use of experimental methods
that rely a relatively small amount on complex
technologies such as neuroimaging.
· Rama says "too much of the Victorian sense of
adventure (in science) has been lost" Despite the
simplicity of his approach, Ramachandran has
generated many new ideas about the brain.
· Disagrees with the idea of a God-says its caused by
the brain.…read more

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· It may stop people from having fake
religious experiences and will make people
realise that it is all in their heads.
· It will help us to take more control of our
· It shows us that the temporal lobes play a
role in religious experience.
· Uses science to prove things that religion
cannot.…read more

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· Catholics may not want to believe
him as he doesn't believe that
God exists and that God placed a
temporal lobe inside the brain.
· It may cause people to not
believe in god.
· It can be used to create religious
experiences (Apply a magnetic
field to the temporal lobes can
cause people to experience God).…read more

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Sigmund Freud
· Believed people were material.
· The urge of religion was no more
then a psychological obsession
· Disbelieves in anything linked to
theist religions.
· Saw religious experiences as
· Dismissed any religious evidence…read more

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· Explores reasons why to
disbelieve God.
· Lets people understand a simple
argument to not believe in God
from psychology.
· Backs up other psychologists.
· Its a convincing argument.…read more

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