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Duration: 20 Seconds
Peterson & Peterson (1959)
Encoding: Visually then Acoustically
Conrad (1964)
Capacity: 7 (±2)
Miller (1956)
Duration: Potentially Unlimited
Bahrick et al (1975)
Encoding: Mainly Semantic
Baddeley (1966)
Capacity: Potentially Unlimited
Atkinson and Shriffrin (1968)
Sensory Memory
Stores = Static = Only Store Info
STM and LTM are Unitary = only one store
Attention SE STM
Maintenance Rehearsal STM STM
Elaborative Rehearsal STM LTM
Face validity
HM = Stores are Separate
Strong Evidence for Duration,…read more

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Phonological Loop (PL)
Duration = 2 seconds
Limited Capacity
Temporary Storage
Phonological Store (inner ear) (PS)
Articulatory Control System (inner voice) (AC)
Visuo-Spatial Sketchpad (VSS)
Duration = 2 seconds
Limited Capacity
Temporary Storage
Visual and Spatial Memory
Episodic Buffer (EB)
General Store
Integrates info from other components and LTM
and adds Time and Order
Hitch and Baddeley (1976)
Can't do 2 similar task at same time but can do 2 different
tasks.…read more

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Factors that influence EWT
Misleading Information
Loftus and Palmer
broken glass
misleading questions affect storage
Loftus et al
Stop or Yield (give way) sign
misleading info affects storage
Bekerian and Bowers
repeated Stop or Yield experiment
however unlike Loftus slides of event were shown in order
misleading info affects retrieval.
Validity (of above experiments)
Lab experiments may not be taken seriously
PPTs not emotionally involved
Foster et al = better accuracy with real-life set up.…read more

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Fisher and Geiselman (1992)
1) Report Everything (RE)
2) Original Context Reinstatement (CR)
3) Change Order (CO) (ie starting from the end of event and working
4) Change Perspective (CP) (ie What would other witnesses have seen?)
Evaluation of Cognitive Interview
Köhnken et al
meta-analysis 34% increase in correct recall
Milne and Bull
Combination of RE and CR = best recall
Hard to Evaluate because many versions of CI
Time consuming to carry out
Average training in CI (for police) may not increase usefulness…read more


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