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Discuss and evaluate sexual selection explanation of relationships (9+16)
Sexual selection has two theories regarding its explanation. Inter-sexual and intra-sexual
selection is one theory. Intersexual selection means mate choice, it determines areas in which
the other sex must compete. For example, if tall men were the preference of quality, tall…

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This suggests the studies are androcentric and there may be benefits from short term
mating. Grieling and Buss found that short term mating could be a way of leaving a poor

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Discuss and evaluate the social learning theory of aggression (9+16)
Social learning theory of aggression is explained through three theories. Oberservation, mental
representation and production of behaviour. Observation is when a child observes the aggressive
behaviour from parents or peers and imitates the behaviour. Children also observe and learn about…

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This suggests that research findings are not Generalisable as there is contradicting evidence from
other cultures which lowers validity.

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Discuss and evaluate the biological explanation for anorexia
There are two biological explanations for anorexia, neural explanation and evolutionary explanation.
Neural explanation has two aspects; neurodevelopment being one suggests that the season of birth
influences the development of anorexia. Those born in spring have a higher chance of developing

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This struggle is explained `worried and uncomprehending family' and AN powerful biological urge to
avoid food and exercise.
This suggests the awareness of this influence can help treatment and encourage parents to be more
compassionate toward their anorexia child.
There is support for the delay in puberty.
Amenorrhoea is typically…


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