Psychology - Attachment Revision

a checklist to help revision for attachment unit AQA

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Types of attachment
Ainsworth - strange situation
Reliability - Wartner et al
Lamb & Main and Cassidy
Van Ijzendroon & Kroonenburg - Cultures
Rogoff - Dogon - no avoidant-insecure
Explanations of attachment
Learning Theory - Classical & Operant conditioning
Dollard and Miller - adaptation
Schaffer and Emerson other attachments
Harlow and Harlow's monkey study
Bowlby's theory
1. Innate programming
2. Critical period
3.The continuity hypothesis
Lorenz - imprinting in goslings
McCarthy - insecurely attached women
Hazan and Shaver - love quiz
Thomas - monotropy may not be true
Schaffer and Emerson - multiple attachments
Rutter et al - against critical period
Disruption of attachment
Robertson & Robertson - Short-term separations
Bowlby - the 44 juvenile thieves study
Hodges and Tizard - children in institutional care
Attrition, lack of control, confounding variables.
Rutter et al - Romanian orphans
Koluchova - Czech twins
Curtis - Genie
Studies of attachment disorder
Flanagan - Case study
Effects of day care on attachment
Belsky and Rovine - risk of day care on attachment
Clarke-Stewart et al - no differences
Effects of day care on aggression
Durkin - day care and aggression
Sammons et al - day care and antisocial behaviour
Melhuish - day care and aggression
Schweinhart et al
Effects of day care on peer relations
Anderson - Swedish children in day care

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Clarke-Stewart et al -day care and social
Field - day care and physical affection
Quality of day care
Evaluation of research into day care
Clarke-Stewart -other variables affecting child
Durkin - agrees with Clarke-Stewart
Durkin & Scarr - casual link between day care
quality and child's social development
Mooney and Munton - no clear evidence
Culturally biased
Influence of research on child care practices
Robertson & Robertson - hospital admissions
Bowlby - adoptions
Day care provision…read more


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