Psychology AS - PYA2 - Stress: Exam Answer

A great way of revising is to mark somebody else's essay - attached is an answer that I wrote, but, looking at the mark scheme, my answers are terrible! Lol!! However, I am tired... and I don't have to heart to mark myself so low, so you guys can do it for me :] pretty please?

I answered question 2 - the link for the AQA mark scheme is below - thank youuu :]]]

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(a) Outline findings of research into workplace stressors. (6 marks)

Marmot et al.'s study of stressors in the workplace found that, out of their sample of over
7000 civil servants, those who were higher grade (and consequently had high demand in their
job) were least likely to suffer from…

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better in the long run. However, the process was very timeconsuming, and he was criticised
for his stepbystep method, in that it could've been just as effective to tell clients to simply
practice positive thinking and to relax more. It reduced the effectiveness of the method in that
only a…


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