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Section A
1. From the study by Baron-Cohen et al on autism in adults.
a. Identify one difference between the performance of autistic
adults and the Tourette's syndrome adults.

One difference between the performance of the Tourette's
group and autistic group was that the people who suffered
from Tourette's did…

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which recorded every letter Kanzi touched and saved it on a

4. Bandura, Ross and Ross in their study of aggression used a
`matched pairs' experimental design.
a. How were the children matched in this study?
The children were matched on aggression, to do this one of the

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the materials used mass, number and volume in each condition
volume was found to be the hardest to judge.
6. From Freud's study of little Hans
a. Briefly describe one of little Hans' dreams or fantasies.
On of Little Hans dream/fantasy was that in his room at night
there were…

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The sample were obtained by newspaper advertisement and
direct mailing, 40 men responded between the age from 20-50
and were told the would receive $4.50 for just turning up.
b. Outline one disadvantage of the way this sample was obtained.
The disadvantage of how this sample was obtained, as the…

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Section B
Piviavin et al
a. What was the aim of this study?
The aim of this study was to investigate the difference in
helping behaviour according to circumstantial factors,
including would an ill person get more help than a drunk,
would a white person get more help than a…

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people who had all ready been debrief would help out
straight away.

e. Suggest how your chosen study could be made more ethical.

Piliavin's study could become more ethical is they had but
poster around the subway saying that an experiment was
taking place, if they had done this then…


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