Psychology Aggression: Social Learning Theory

Social learning theory when explaining aggression: A01: Describing theory and its assumption (Bandura). A02: Evaluation of the theory. A03: Research that supports the theory and evaluate it (Bandura's Bobo doll experiment)

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Social Psychological Theories for aggression ­ Social
Learning Theory
A01 ­ Describing theory (9 marks)

Assumption = Aggression is caused by copying (social
learning theory)

One social psychological theory of aggression is social
learning. Social learning theory focuses on the way in
which we learn aggression from role models in…

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see it modelled. For example, someone may choose
not to copy a bully as they believe that they cannot
gain the same reward due to some limiting factor, such
as strength.

A03 (4 marks) A theory is only as good as the research which
supports it....

Research & HOW it…

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How well can it >Does not explain those who are exposed to aggressive role models and yet do not copy them. It may be
explain all that they are choosing not to copy through FREE WILL. Explanation is deterministic & so does not allow
aggressive for this.
behaviour? LINK: The…

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