Psychology Aggression: Adaptive response/Evolutionary Explanation

Aggression as an adaptive response/evolutionary response (including: A01: assumption of theory, status in males and females, sexual infedility and jealousy. A02: Evaluation of the theory. A03: Research that supports the theory and evaluation of the research (Griskevicius).

P.S: A01 - 8 MARKS        A02:12 MARKS         A03: 4 MARKS

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Aggression as an adaptive response/Evo explanations for
A01 ­ Describing theory (9 marks)
The adaptive and functional benefits of aggressive
behaviour must outweigh the possible costs. (Buss & Duntley
· Aggression is used to increase status.
· Jealous aggression is used to reduce likelihood of
sexual infidelity.

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apologising. Majority of men would respond with direct
aggression (eg, pushing the other man). Only a quarter of
women would do so, most women most likely to walk away.
And gossip/bitch about them in private.
In the EEA, aggression would have been useful for warding

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>Implies that we do not have a hope of reducing aggression completely as it is an innate, adaptive
Is it useful/what mechanism which was helpful to our ancestors.
are the > Yet, implies that we can control aggression to an extent by targeting vulnerable groups in order to
implications? offer…


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