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Combining treatments; - CBT evidence; Drury et al (1996) found that patients receiving CBT and drug
Drug treatments are crucial in the treatment of Schizophrenia. But, they are still treatment experience fewer positive symptoms and take less time to
best used alongside psychological treatments…

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give them more distorted thoughts. It is possible that many patients
treated with therapy had only mild symptoms in some studies.
- Appropriateness; cost and benefits ­ the costs outweigh the benefits
because it may not always work and is expensive to carry out. Less effective
than medication BUT less…

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- Appropriateness; only appropriate alongside other therapies. Ethical issues;
who decides what a desirable behaviour is? It is patronising to control
someone else and reward them for the behaviour we want them to
produce. No effect on reducing delusions and hallucinations. Most patients
no longer treated in institutions.


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