Psychological explanations of Anorexia Nervosa


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Psychological explanations for Anorexia Nervosa
A01 Studies A02/3
Media Influences Jones & Buckingham (2005) ­ media doesn't FIJI STUDY (Becker et al, 2002) ­ Television was
Major source ­ influence for the body image influence everyone in same way. Example; people introduced into Fiji in 1995, where they was a lack of
attitudes ­ Western adults. with low-self-esteem ­ more likely to compare eating disorders. However, after this introduction of
Example; portrayal of thin models in media ­ themselves to idealised images portrayed in the the television they were an increase in eating
significant contributory factor in body image media. disorders amongst the Fijian girls and they stated a
desire to lose weight. This suggests that the media
concerns and the drive for thinness among
does have a big impact on people's perception of
Western adolescent's girls.
weight and that they compare themselves with other
Yamamiya et al (2005) ­ if people are told before
they are introduced to the media that the people they
are going to see aren't `normal' and have been
airbrushed and gone through weight loss programmes
ect ­ it's likely to prevent the adverse effects of
Real world application
The fashion industry in France has pledged to
use a diversity of body types and not to
stereotype the `thin ideal'
Ethnicity Grabe & Hyde (2006) ­ meta-analysis of 98 studies ­ Cultural bias ­ white and black groups (Cachelin &
Not all cultures place same value of thinness difference between African-Americans and Caucasian Regan, 2006) ­ no significant difference of prevalence
as an ideal for women. & Hispanic females. Less body dissatisfaction = of eating disorders between African-American and
African-Americans than other groups. white Caucasian Pp's.

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Psychological explanations for Anorexia Nervosa
Incidence of AN ­ non-western-cultures & Pollack (1995) ­ Many non-western cultures = more Meta-analysis gives a good sample size, especially
black populations in western-cultures = much positive attitudes toward large body sizes ­ because of the use of 98 of them. However, each
lower than white western population. associated with attractiveness, fertility & nurturance. study could have a varying IV than the other studies,
which could lower the reliability of the findings.…read more

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Psychological explanations for Anorexia Nervosa
Separating out lasting personality traits from short
lived states that may be caused by starvation.
Frequent reliance on clinically diagnosed samples,
which represents a biased view of the relationship
between personality and disordered eating.
Biological approach - Bailer et al ­ found highest
levels of Serotonin activity In women who showed the
most anxiety, suggesting that persistent disruption of
serotonin levels may lead to increased anxiety. Which
they suggest may trigger AN.…read more

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Psychological explanations for Anorexia Nervosa
over their body shape and usually end up
developing abnormal eating habits…read more


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