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Psychological explanations for anorexia nervosa

Eating disorders

There are two main types of eating disorders:-

Both share a strong drive to be thin.
They are largely female problems
Largely westernised problems Largely an upper social class problem
... Many die as a result!

ANOREXIA NERVOSA [AN] [nervous loss of appetite]…

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The absence of periods for more than 3 months is a clinical characteristic of
anorexia in girls who have begun menstruation.
The lack of menstrual cycle is caused in these cases by inadequate nutrition.


Cultural ideals and the media

Cultural ideas

It's a widely held belief that western…

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Crawford [2006] looked at the mechanism of teasing and found that overweight
girls and underweight boys were most likely to be teased by their peers. This
suggests that teasing can enforce gender-based ideas/


Bruch's psychodynamic theory

Hilde Bruch [1973] suggested the origins of AN are in early childhood.…

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