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Psychological Explanations For Anorexia ­ Andrew F

AO1's AO2's
1 Eating disorders have been identified 1 This is supported by evidence which
across all cultures and therefore there suggests that there is a fault with the
does seem to be some evidence of an neurotransmitter serotonin. However, there
underpinning biological…

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Psychological Explanations For Anorexia ­ Andrew F

individual differences may bias the results.
7 Also, the method used was interviews, which
are subject to social desirability, limiting the
8 Also, the study lacks cultural validity because
it only included Fijians and therefore cannot
be applied universally.
9 Any behavioural…




are you sure your essays are A* standard ? let me know ASAP



are your essays A*? have they been marked by a teacher?

Andrew F.


Yes they are. They have been marked by an A-Level Psychology teacher and Invigilator.

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