Psychodynamic Theory of Schizophrenia - Building Block

So in my actual exam, my question for the Schizophrenia unit was something like 'outline and evaluate psychological explanations for schizophrenia'. In response, I talked about psychodynamic theory and socio-cultural factors.

I wanted to post an example essay so it would be clear to see what kind of thing I would have written in my exam and I did a lot of essays during my revision. However I didn't get round to completing an essay for this question because I changed the points that I planned along the way. However, I do have the amended building blocks so you can see the exact points I wrote about.

So this one is for psychodynamic theory and I'll post another one for socio-cultural factors :)

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Building block: Psychodynamic
AO / IDA Content of paragraph
AO1 Freud ­ mental disorders are the result of childhood conflicts.
Id ­ irrational, primitive part of personality.
Psychodynami Ego ­ conscious, rational part of personality; deals with reality.
c Theory Super ego ­ conscience and sense of right and wrong.
Schizophrenia involves loss of reality ­ the result of the super ego losing
control and allowing the id to surface, causing anxiety.
AO1 If parents are cold and uncaring, individual may regress to pre-ego stage
before they had developed realistic awareness to reduce anxiety.
Re-establishin This defence causes a loss of reality, and symptoms like delusions of
g Ego Control grandeur reflect this infantile state. Auditory hallucinations reflect
attempts to re-establish ego control.
AO2 Conflicts between id, ego and super ego ­ subconscious level. Abstract
ideas means this is hard to test and so hard to falsify. All outcomes can
Validity support the theory.
Population validity ­ all of Freud's participants were generally upper-class
Viennese women.
AO2 Fromm-Reichmann ­ identified schizophrenogenic mothers, who are
rejecting, over-protective and dominant.
Schizophren-o This influences schizophrenia's development.
genic Mothers Supports that parents could have influence on schizophrenia's
development due to their behaviour.
AO2 Correlations found between schizophrenia and parental behaviour are not
proof of cause and effect.
Cause and They show an association, but parental behaviour could have caused
Effect anxiety and regression, or it could be a result of schizophrenia.
AO2 Psychoanalysis has been proved to be effective in improving symptoms,
showing there must be some truth in the theory.
Therapy Gottdiener ­ 66% improved after treatment.
However, difficult to pin point its effect as the chance to talk and receive
attention could be the factor that provides support for recovery.
Must have 2 detailed points of AO1 and 4 detailed evaluative points of AO2 = 12 marks


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