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Psychodynamic approach:

Freud believed the origins of mental disorders lie in the
unresolved conflicts of childhood, which are unconscious.

1. Unresolved conflicts cause mental disorder
2. Early experiences can cause mental disorder
3. Unconscious motivations cause mental disorder

Unresolved conflicts cause mental disorder:
Conflicts between the id, ego and superego…

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Ego- do homework then go to party

Early experiences cause mental disorder:
In childhood the ego is not developed enough to deal with traumas
and therefore they are repressed. If a child experiences a death
at a young age they repress their feelings into the unconscious, if
the child then…

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anxiety onto another object e.g. little Hans became afraid of
horses, this is the psychodynamic approach's explanation of how
phobias form.

Research methods:
Case studies ­ detailed study of an individual such as little
Hans, offers an in-depth data insight into behaviour but is
difficult to generalize as characteristics may…

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thoughts when they were in this state. He stopped using this
technique as he was finding it hard to hypnotise people and he
realize people are very suggestive in this state so false memories
and feeling could be created.

Dream analysis:
Freud believed a certain part of the mind held…


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