Psychodynamic Approach - Evaluation :)

An evaluation of the psychodynamic approach and the man that we all love to hate... Yes, you've guessed it. Sigii Frued :P

BTW, i've got some research evidence to back up the evaluative approach :D

Hope this helps :)

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Evaluation of psychodynamic approach
The psychodynamic approach was one of the first approaches which suggested a form of
psychological therapy and therefore had a large impact on psychology. Also, as this approach has
helped to form psychodynamic types of therapy, it has helped to treat many individuals with a
variety of mental disorders.
The psychodynamic approach has emphasised the importance of childhood in later life, this has had
many practical applications as it has helped many people to understand the development of the
human mind and the way in which memories in our unconscious mind impact our psychological
functioning. By doing this, many types of charities/ groups have been formed which help children
who have experience trauma, by using many forms of psychodynamic therapies, such as Counselling
and Free Association. These forms of therapy help the individual to see what is troubling them and
also helps them as it teaches them to live with their past experiences.
However, this approach does has some weaknesses as it is seen as reductionist as it simplifies the
complexity of mental disorders, this is because it may not just be past experiences and repressed
memories that have caused the individual to become depressed, it completely ignores the idea that
an individual's bio-chemicals may be what has caused them to be depressed. This approach is also
deterministic in the sense that it suggests that children who have experienced abuse or trauma will
grow up to be depressed; however, this is not the case with many people.
This theory can also be seen to lack appropriateness as it may cause an individual more pain than they
were previously experiencing; this is due to the fact that during their therapy sessions they may be
asked to recall a painful past experience which may emotionally affect them. This approach is also
seen as very time consuming and costly, unlike biological therapies.


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