Psychodynamic Approach

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Psychodynamic Approach
"The little angel and devil on your shoulders."
The other approaches you should avoid
Psychodynamic approach ­ endorsed by Freud!
Assumption 1 Behaviour is influenced by the three parts of the mind ­ the tripartile personality.

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Assumption 2 ­ Behaviour is influenced by different levels of consciousness and ego defences.
Assumption 3 ­ Behaviour is influenced by early childhood experiences.…read more

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In childhood, the ego is not developed enough to deal with traumas, which are therefore
repressed (an ego defence mechanism).There are key developmental stages in early
childhood, fixation at any stage through frustration or overindulgence may have a lasting effect
on the individual's personality.
DEVELOPMENT.…read more

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GENITA Genital
L character is the
ideal, well
adjusted mature
adult. They have
the ability to
both love and
work hard, and
can contribute to
Psychodynamic Therapy ­ Dream Analysis
Primary Process Thought
Repression of the iddriven primitive thoughts that are unacceptable
Wish fulfilment
Dreams represent wishes that are unfulfilled by the conscious mind, dreams protecting the
sleeper from their primary process thought, but allow them to express their buried urges.…read more

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Representation A thought translated into visual
images to represent it.
Symbolism A symbol to replace an action,
idea or person.
Secondary elaboration The different images combined to
form a logical story, disguising
latent content.
The actual dream material could be supplied from recent events in
conscious life.
Using dream analysis in therapy consists largely of
reversing the processes that created the manifest content.…read more

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Another source of support for this dream analysis therapy
is that neural networks show an overloaded
memory by conflating or condensing memories.
This suggests Freud was correct in saying that
unacceptable desires are censored and dealt with
by recombining fragments in dreams.…read more


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