PSYA3 Psychology Relationships- Sexual Selection

Sexual Selection theory with evaluation

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Sexual Selection
"Darwin" theory of sexual selection suggests there are certain characteristics that make us
Intrasexual: competition between sexes over a mate
Intersexual: women get choosy over a male mate (only one egg)
Sexual Dimorphomism: the different features both sexes have to attract a mate
Short Term Preferences (mostly males)
Males have to compete with other males (intrasexual) as well as attracting a female. Men
are less choosy because it takes them less time make a child as women only have one
"Buss and Schmitt" the less time a man is with a woman the more females he can mate
with. This is why they seek sex earlier in a relationship and lose interest after. This
suggests that this is an evolutionary adaptation in order for males to have as many children
as possible.
"Clark and Hatfield" found that 73% of men would sleep with a stranger. 0% of women
"PentonVoak" found that females make choices varying across the menstral cycle. When
fertile they want manly men as masculine suggest healthy sperm. When not fertile want
feminine men to get the emotional side.
Long Term Preferences (mostly females)
Women will look for older males who will care for you with the money and resources they
"Buss" 10,000 participants across 3 cultures. Found women want Fecundity. The ability to
provide for a family.
"Fisher" Sexy Son Hypothesis females seek out desirable characteristics for their own
"Schieb" studied women looking for sperm donors looked for the same qualities while men
looked for youthfulness and fertility and to care for a child.
"Cunningham" baby face hypothesis.
Big eyes: Vulnerability
Small Noses
Blonde Hair youthfulness
Lips: full and red
"Singh" suggested that a 0.7 hipwaist ratio is a high sign of fertility. Same in all cultures.
Some men prefer younger women
"Kenrick" teen boys want 5yrs older
Neophillia, older creative individuals.
Older women graduate effect
Dark haired women

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Lack of scientific methodology. Yet to be proven
Alpha gender bias
Justifies potential rape
Evolution doesn't explain homosexual relationships
Men nowadays aren't looking to reproduce
Deterministic. Removal of will in choosing a mate.…read more



This is a good explanation too for psya3 sexual selection theory ! Covers the relationships topic well.

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