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Influence of childhood in romantic relationships

ParentChild relationships

Attachment, caregiving and sexuality
Shaver ­ what we experience as romantic love in adulthood ­ integration of three behavioural
systems acquired in infancy ­ attachment, caregiving and sexuality systems
First system ­ related to concept of internal working model ­ Bowlby

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help achieve goal of separation from parents having shifted attachment focus from parents
to peers, redirect intense interpersonal energy towards romantic partner
romantic relationships allow adolescent gain type of emotional and physical intimacy ­
different from experiences with parents
Madsen ­ tested effects of dating behaviour in adolescents (1517.5) on…

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Madsen ­ challenged by Roisman ­ found no effect of romantic experiences at age 20 on romantic
relationships at 30 ­ suggests no consistent evidence that adolescent relationships "building blocks"
of adult relationships

Simpson ­ Longitudinal study ­ spanning more than 25 years, 78 participants studied at 4 key points…


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