PSYA3 Psychology AQA Breakdown of Relationships

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The Breakdown of Relationships
Reasons for Relationship Breakdown ­ Duck
Lack of Skills
Duck Interpersonal skills such as social skills, so:
communication (poor conversation)
poor at showing interest
unrewarding in interactions
Others perceive them as not being interested in relating ­ breakdown before even starting
Lack of Stimulation
Social Exchange Theory ­ looking for rewards
Baxter ­ boredom or belief relationship not going anywhere often quoted when breakdown starts
People expect change and development in relationship ­ when it doesn't happen seen as justification to end
relationship or begin a new one
Maintenance difficulties
Relationship strained if partners can't see each other enough
Shaver ­ going away to university causes great strain on existing relationships, often responsible for breakdown
Although relationships can take the strain, often not the case ­ maintenance difficulties become overwhelming ­
Model of Breakdown ­ Rollie and Duck

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Extramarital affairs
Major reason for breakdown is affairs
Boekhout ­ affairs may be a direct reaction to perceived lack of skills and/or stimulation in current relationships
Asked undergraduates to rate various secual and emotional reasons for men and women to be
unfaithful in committed relationship ­ judged sexual reasons for infidelity (e.…read more

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