Provisional government problems- Russian history

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Provisional government problems
Political authority
Not representative
Dominated by Kadets & octoberists
Bolsheviks, Mensheviks & SR's not included
Promise to arrange elections
May 1917 6 members of the Soviet included
March 1917 lost territory in Poland & Western Russian
Millions of soldiers died, wounded or prisoners
Low arm morale
British and French banks willing to lend money if R keep fighting duty to stay in war
P.G. offensive war, Soviets defensive war
Resignation of foreign & war minister
Rivalry with soviets shared power
Soviet in charge of military
Social and economic problems
Food shortages , unemployment, high prices
Economy inflation
Shortage of fuel & raw materials
Railway breaking down
Increased the price for grain by 100% to encourage peasants to sell grain
Punishment brigades into countryside to demand grain
Peasants and land
Little control of country side
Peasants took law into own hands violence against landowners( 700 complaints in
1917 alone)
Liberals refused to hand over land to peasants told them to wait until the constitutional
assembly set up
Wanted to compensate land owners


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