Provisional government / dual authority RUSSIAN - EDEXCEL AS HISTORY

Provisional government / dual authority RUSSIAN - EDEXCEL AS HISTORY

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Provisional government / dual authority
Kerensky offensive
June 1917- offensive to Germany
Launched Russian soldiers= 400,000 dead
Kerensky PM of prov gov
Embraced war- front line speeches
Dedication & support
Also known as June offensive
Return of lenin
Switzerland in feb rev
Germans helped him to get to Russia illegally- would cause rev so country could be beaten
3rd of april- 1st speech in Petrograd
2nd speech "bread,peace,land"- power to the soviets
Encouraged Bolsh to revolt
Continued to fight for loan & duty
Deaths blamed
Lost territory in Poland & Western russia
Seized back their land
Uneffective land bank
Distracted by war so couldn't act effectively
No Bolsh/ Mensh= high opposition
No experience
Wealthy so couldn't relate to them
Social & economic
Continued fighting so Britain & France would loan money
Reduced working day to 8 hours
Prov gov
Made up of members from the duma
Britain & France happy as democratic now
Not an elected body
Had no loyalty so were purely judged on action- bad as in power in hard times

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Dual authority
Soviets- workers & revolutionaries
Prov gov- liberals
Wanted different things
July days 1917 3-8
Causes- soldiers leaving, kadets walked out, anti- war feeling, demonstrations , all power to
Demonstrations- 700 killed in 3 days, disorder, peaceful until army came
Consequences- Lenin fled to Finland & Bolsh newspapers banned, Kerensky PM on 8th…read more


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