Provisional GOVERNMENT

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The Provisional Government
The Provisional Government is the name given to the government that led Russia from
March 1917to November 1917. Throughout its existence, the Provisional Government
met at the Tauride Palace. By July it was led by Alexander Kerensky the man who had
informed the Duma on March 11th that 25,000 troops were on the way to support them.
The Provisional Government had one major disadvantage: its leaders especially
Kerensky were associated with the middle class. They were not seen as having
anything in common with the working class, therefore, how could they possibly represent
The Provisional Government also committed two huge blunders:
1. It refused to give land to the poor peasants in the rural areas. This seemed to confirm
the point above that the Provisional Government did not understand the desires of the
poor. To survive the peasants needed land and this was refused by Kerensky.
2. By far, the biggest blunder was the decision taken by the Provisional Government to
keep Russia in World War One. This was a curious decision as the war was hated by
the Russian people who had suffered greatly as a result of it.
The Provisional Government had to overcome two challenges to its authority: one was
called the July Days and the other was the Kornilov Affair

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Problems/ Weaknesses Action
Government The Provisional Government did
The Petrograd Soviet was very powerful ­ it built up a nation-wide nothing to try to end the power
network of Soviets which took their orders from it. of the Soviets.
Order Number 1 forbade soldiers and workers to obey the
provisional Government unless the Soviet agreed.
(ie the govt. was powerless to act unless the Soviet agreed.)
Terrible conditions The Provisional Government didn't
Inflation and hunger got worse because the war didn't end.…read more

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Kornilov The Provisional Government had
Kornilov tried a right-wing/ pro-Tsar army coup in August 1917. no control of the army and had
to ask the Bolsheviks to help it.
(ie government under attack) This made the government seem
weak AND made the Bolsheviks
popular (they took control of the
Soviets).…read more


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