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Give examples of a Fibrous protein and Globular protein and link together their
structure and function.
Globular protein ­ Hemoglobin
A globular protein appears to curl up into a ball - this is usually so
that the proteins non-polar, hydrophobic R groups point into the
centre of the molecule. Globular proteins are involved in metabolic
It has four polypeptide chains two ­ chains and two chains
making it spherical. Each polypeptide chain has a haem group
containing a fe2+ to which one oxygen can bind with. A full
hemoglobin molecule has four haem groups; this means four
oxygen's can be carried at one time.
To transport oxygen in the blood in red blood cells to tissue cells which require it the most.
Fibrous protein - Collagen
Collagen in found in the skin, bone, teeth and in the wall of the blood vessel.
Collagen consists of three polypeptide chains in the shape of a helix wound round
each other to make a rope. The three stands are in a coil and held together by
hydrogen bonds. Cross links between the fiber give it is strong nature.
Collagen is the main protein in animals. Collagen is a tough bundle known as collagen
fibers and is a major component of the outside cell of matrix, which supports most
tissues and gives cells structure from the outside. Collagen is found in certain cells.
Collagen is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Collagen gives strength to blood vessels and helps
tissues development.
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