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Sorcha Vaughan 23/9/2010
Made up of chains of amino acid
There are twenty naturally occurring amino acids
They all contain C, H, O, N and some contain S and P
The general structure of an amino acid is
The R group is variable
The simplest R group is a hydrogen atom and this amino acid is glycine.
The R group may contain sulphur, it may be acidic, it may be basic, and it may contain complex carbon
Two amino acids join together to form a dipeptide in the following way:
Protein structure is at four levels.

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Sorcha Vaughan 23/9/2010
1) Primary structure ­ this is the sequence of amino acids in the proteins. As we can see from the
above diagram Peptide bonds join the amino acid together. Polypeptide and proteins maybe
hundreds and thousands amino acids long. So the variety is infinite. A polypeptide becomes a
protein when it is in a form (either on its own or attached to other substances) where it is able to
form a functional unit.…read more


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