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Internal & external threats
Data & programs are vulnerable to both deliberate and
accidental damage, ranging from:
­ A floppy disk which becomes unusable
­ To hackers stealing millions from a major organisation
Internal threats:
­ Hardware failure
­ Faulty procedures
­ Natural disasters
­ Remote systems or laptops may be lost or not properly operated in
terms of back-ups and regular maintenance
­ Dishonest employees
External threats
­ Hackers
­ Viruses…read more

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Measures to protect systems
Physical restrictions
Login procedures ­ UserID and passwords
Levels of access
Audit software
Encryption…read more

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Types of backup
Online backup
­ Often simultaneous update of 3 systems ­ one remote
from the other 2
Periodic backups
­ Daily ­ stored off-site in a fireproof safe
­ Possible now to back up to internet providers
Backup of laptop data
­ Protects business in the event of loss or failure of
machine…read more

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Other measures
Virus checkers
­ Regular update of virus template is required to combat
new viruses
­ Responsible companies do not allow downloads from
internet or execution of attachments to e-mail
­ Careful vetting of staff
­ Comprehensive staff training
­ Considered siting of computer equipment to avoid basic
disasters like flooding…read more

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Internet access issues
Internet contains much unsuitable material
Schools must guard against:
­ Pupils accessing pornographic materials
­ Participation in chat rooms where pupils may be exposed to
undesirable strangers
Business may want to control use of e-mail
Some organisations achieve this by installing and
maintaining their own intranet (private internet)
They have a firewall to prevent unsuitable material being
­ This consists of a proxy server with special hardware and software
to maintain security.…read more


Mr A Gibson

Number three of three presentations which provide a good overview of this topic area.

Resource 1 - Security of Data

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