properties and structure of metals

ionic + metallic bonding- properties of metals.

All metals:

1- are malleable

2-conduct electricity + heat

3-are dense

4- hve high boiling and melting points

5- are shiny(when polished)

6- are sonorous(make a noise when hit)

7- are solid at room temperature(except mercury)

8- are ductile

structure of metals.

- ions are formed by the giving or receiving of electrons.

- ionic bonding is the electrostatic attraction of oppitley charged ions. the attraction acts in all directions and it is this attraction that is called the ionic bond.

- the attraction results in a giant structure arrangement called an ionic lattice.

there are 3 types of strong bonds in metals.

- ionic- electrons are transferred from metal atoms to non-metal atoms

-covalent-electrons are shared between atoms

-the outer electrons surrounding the atoms can easily move from one atom to the next. the outer electrons form what is called a 'sea' of free electrons surrounding positively charged metal ions.

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