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Processes within school
Sociology aqa…read more

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interaction…read more

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Structuralists are interested in
education in terms of its functions as
part of the broader social system.
Interactionists are focused on the
programme which occur inside
educational institutions.…read more

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Labelling theory
Interactionists say how teachers
`pigeonhole' students.
The labelling theory highlights the
way in which teachers make
jugjements about the `types' of
students they are teaching and how
they attach mental labels.…read more

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Hargreaves, hester and mellor
Over participant observation.
Unstructured interviews.
Teachers label students through three steps.
1.Speculation-teachers make guesses, based
on appearance, enthusisasm and
2.Elaboration-teachers test hypothesis, are
confirmed or contradicted.
3.Stabilisation- teachers labels solidify and
become attached to student.
Teachers will feel as if they know everything
about a student…read more

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More about labels.
Lots of studies show that teachers
base their labels mostly on
Labels are sticky and difficult to lose.
As teachers can ignore behaviour
which contradicts their label.
Students may start to believe their
labels and make it part of thier
identity, according to interactionists
this is called a self-fulfilling…read more

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