Process of a Jewish Divorce

Process of a Jewish Divorce- GCSE short course

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Process of a Jewish Divorce
1. The couple agree to terminate their marriage
2. They apply to a bet din and a date will be arranged for them to
attend (no grounds will be needed)
3. There, a scribe will write a get in front of the dayanim (judges)
4. The husband will hand it to his wife in front of two witnesses
(unless they do not wish to see each other, in which case a
representative will hand the get to the wife)
5. The divorce takes effect the moment that the get is handed to
the wife
Extra info
If the couple are not living together the husband must apply for the get
at his nearest bet din- then the get will be delivered to the wife's
nearest bet din where she will be asked to go and receive the get in
front of witnesses


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