problems in measuring the extent of religious beliefs in society today

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Identify and briefly explain some of the problems in measuring the extent of religious beliefs in
society today (8marks)
Today's society is said to be secular (decline in religion). Statistics show that church attendance is declining
and that leads us to think that perhaps religions is declining in itself. Perhaps because it seems as though
everyone around us are less religious we feel the need to fit in with the norm and act the same, when in fact
one is religious.
England is a multifaith country now, there are many religions with in and therefore some people may chose
not to make their religious beliefs society obvious so that they don't offend individuals of different religion.
So people chose to keep their religious beliefs to themselves and don't formally express it. Without people
expressing, showing or making evidence of their religious beliefs is it very hard to measure the extent of
religious beliefs in society today.
Other religious beliefs may require their members to remain secretaries about their beliefs for example, the
Knights Templar and free masons. With people not speaking about their religious beliefs its virtually
impossible to measure it.
Some religious beliefs/organisations are not accepted by the mainstream society and therefore members of
unaccepted organisation may wish to remain anonymous. They may also feel to embarrassed as it may be
too extreme for society e.g. homosonist cults. With people being embarrassed and choosing to remain
anonymous your statistics will be unreliable nor will it be valid.
When BBS (British beliefs society) collect the data about beliefs in society they may come across issues
where their participants may lie or joke about their religious beliefs. Or their religious beliefs/ religion may
not be recognised as a religion.
In conclusion, it is very problematic to measure religious beliefs in society today as people may privatise
their beliefs and may be unwilling to share it. Other may hold extreme religious beliefs and therefore feel
embarrassed about talking about it and confessing to it.


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