Problems for the League of Nations in the 1920s

Detailed list of all the problems faced by the League, what action the League took and whether or not it was a success.

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The League of Nations in the 1920s
1) The Aarland Islands
What happened?
Finland traditionally owned the Aarland Islands but most of the inhabitants were Swedish.
Both sides claimed rightful ownership to the island and seemed prepared to fight for them.
What did the League do?
It intervened, and gave the islands to Finland. Sweden accepted this.
Success or Failure?
Success, but possibly only because the two countries were prepared to accept the League's
2) The Corfu Crisis
What happened?
Two Italian representatives were murdered whilst in Greece. Mussolini demanded an
apology and 50,000 lire in compensation. Greece claimed that it was not their fault and
refused to pay.
Mussolini responded by bombarding invading the Greek island of Corfu, killing some
inhabitants. Mussolini threatened not to free it until Greece paid up.
What did the League do?
The League wanted to condemn Italy but Britain and France did not want to upset Mussolini.
Instead, they put pressure on Greece until it paid the money.
Success or Failure?
3) The Greek-Bulgarian War
What happened?
Bulgaria moved the border a few metres into Greece. Greece retaliated by moved the
border a back a few kilometres into Bulgaria.
What did the League do?
It intervened, and forced both countries to withdraw and put the border back to the original
Success or Failure?

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Success, but possibly only because there were no powerful countries involved.
4) The Vilna Problem
What happened?
Vilna was the capital of Lithuania. Polish troops seized the town, because most of the
population were Polish.
What did the League do?
Britain and France wanted to keep Poland as an ally, so they did nothing.…read more


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