Problems facing the Weimar Republic

Brief notes outlining the problems facing the Weimar Republic. It covers oppostition such as the Muncih Putsch, the weak Reichstag, economic problems and why people hated the Treaty of Versailles. Also a bit about 'The Golden Years'. These are only notes so will help with revison and knowledge consolidation, but doesn't have all the information you need.

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Problems facing the Weimar Government
WW2 Defeat
E November Criminals signed armistice 11th November 1918, Kaiser fled
E Germany=scapegoats, Germans felt `stabbed in the back'thought they'd win
E Forced to sign TofV, June 1919 Land, Army, Money, Blame
E Germans blamed Weimar Government, felt humiliated. Led to Invasion of

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The Saar occupied of 15 years by France
AlsaceLorraine retuned to France, Colonies given to Britain/France
Polish Corridor divided Germany
Rhineland demilitarized
Conscription banned
Army reduced to 100,000
Not allowed submarines, air force or tanks
Had to pay 6.6 million in reparations
War guilt Germany alone…


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