problems facing CBDs and inner cities

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HW Margarita Myskovets 09.10.12
Why do the CBDs of some towns need to be improved? (4)
Many towns are facing major problems in their CBDs, which is affecting
many different factors for example the environment and urban decline.
In many CBDs you will find a lot of environmental problems such as air,
land and water pollution, high levels of graffiti and decaying terrace
houses. These problems are affecting the local environment and may
cause greater urban decline so it is important that they are dealt with
and improved. A great problem in many CBDs is the traffic congestion
as it leads to many other problems such as pollution, overcrowding
and parking problems. These problems are affecting many people and
their daily lives along with the local environment so it is very
important that the CBDs of some towns are improved.
For a named example, describe how the CBD has been improved and explain
how this will address the problems. (8)
Many changes have been made to the CBD in Kingston-upon-Thames in
order to address the issues that were facing it. Kingston faced a very
large problem of traffic congestion and it was crucial that it was dealt
with, and so many changes have been made in order to improve it. In
order to ease the flow of traffic a ring road was built to carry traffic
around the town centre and to link to the widened bridge. There was
also a great push in order to remove the traffic from the town centre
which not only helped with the ease of traffic congestion but also with
the decrease in pollution. People have also been encouraged to use
bicycles and walk instead of driving by the pedestrianisation of the
Clarence Street (the main shopping street) and the provision of cycle
routes and bike racks. Again this not only addresses the issue of traffic
congestion but also the improvement of pollution.
The local environment was further improved by the increased tree
planting in the town centre and the provision of town rangers who
respond to litter, graffiti and chewing gum. The local environment was
also generally helped by the decongestion of the town centre, which

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HW Margarita Myskovets 09.10.12
meant that the pollution was no longer concentrated in one area of
town and there was no longer a great lack of space in the town centre.
Through the improvement of traffic and pollution the problem with
urban decline was automatically helped as the general environment of
the town centre was improved.
Urban Decline was reduced further through the redevelopment of the
old bus station in to Rotunda ­ a multi screen cinema, gym, bowling
and restaurant complex.…read more


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