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Problematic Topics in GCE Edexcel Economics Unit 1 Identified

Students are generally weak in the following topics:

1. Production possibility frontier (PPF)

Unaware that PPF shows so many other things other than opportunity cost
living standards
growth and recession
workers are not easily transferred from one use to another

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Unable to distinguish between specific tax and advalorem tax. Bear in mind that specific tax
means tax for every unit is fixed irrespective of price while advalorem is a % upon the
value. The greater the value, the greater will be the divergence/ pivotal shifts
Unable to identify and shade…

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Does not understand why a `minimum line' is above equilibrium instead of below. Simple.
Bear in mind that in a free market with no government intervention, sometimes a market
price can really fall to a low level.
To the producers, that price may not be reflective of all the hard…


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