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Techniques Example Description
Die cutting: This is the method of cutting printed paper to
shape. It works like a giant gingerbread man
cutter, pressing the shape out of the paper or
card cereal
Scoring Heavy materials such as board to difficult to fold,
so the outside edge needs to be scored first so
the material does not tear when folded
Scoring can be done by machine or by hand
Ultraviolet Uses UV radiation to harden a liquid plastic
varnishing coating applied to paper or card. It is the
ultimate high gloss coating
Aqueous Is a waterbased varnish, but is not high gloss
Spirit Is a spiritbased varnish, but is again not as high
Varnishing gloss as UV varnish.
Laminating The printed design can be laminated, covered in
a sticky backed plastic this will improve the
aesthetics (appearance) and make the product
Embossing: This is raising the surface of the paper or card in
the shape of text or image so it stands in relief.


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