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TRAINING…read more

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No matter how hard you train, it must be appropriate
so you get the maximum benefit from it.
You need to remember the following principles. Do
whatever suits you best to remember the FITT
principles and the RIPS principles.
o R ­ Rest & Recovery o Percy
o I ­ Individual needs o Skis
o P ­ Progressive o In
o S - Specificity o Russia
o F ­ Frequency RIPS overlaps with the FITT
o I ­ Intensity principle. Progressive overload is
o T ­ Time pretty much defined and
o T ­ Type explained by FITT.…read more

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Rest and Recovery
Rest is the period of time that is allowed for recovery to take
Recovery is the time required for the repair of damage to the
body caused by physical activity.
Making sure there is enough time between training sessions
so that there is time for adaptations to take place, time for
any damage to repair and energy stores to replenish.
Build a rest day into your
training programme. You
could also alternate the
intensity of the training you
do.…read more

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Individual Differences
This means matching the training to the
requirements of the individual
It is important to make sure the training
is appropriate for the person, as
everyone is different. Two people
may play the same position in a
particular sport but if one is at a
higher level of fitness then following
the training programme designed for
the less fit player will be useless to
e.g. Jess is 13 and her brother is 16. They both play
football. Jess trains twice a week for 30 minutes
whilst her brother trains every other day for 60
minutes.…read more

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Progressive Overload
Progressive overload must show an increase over
time and it must be gradual so no injuries
Progressive overload means gradually increasing
the amount of work in training so that fitness
gains occur, but without the potential for injury.
For example, if I did 5
sit ups one week, I
might do 10 the next
to gradually increase
the intensity.…read more

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Specificity means matching
training to the particular
requirements of an activity.
You must make sure your training For specificity, a
is appropriate for your sport. rower could plan
This is so that you are training
the right muscles and body
their training
systems, rather than other around using a
areas of fitness that will have rowing machine.
little impact on your
performance.…read more

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