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Prime minister and the core
Revision cards…read more

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The prime minister and the cabinet
· The PM is the head of government
· The cabinet is the main decision making body
of the government
­ Made up of leading ministers from winning party
· The queen has to officially invite the prime
minister to form a government…read more

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Requirements of a prime minister
· Must be a member of Westminster parliament
­ As the commons became dominant house became
constitutional convention that PM was in commons
· Must be a leader of a political party
­ Must command the support of their party
­ Step down as leader= lose PM EG Margaret Thatcher
in 1990
· The political party they lead should normally
have a majority in the commons
­ Winning an election is the most common route to
becoming PM
­ Majorities are the norm…read more

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Majority government
· One party with absolute majority of seats
forms government
· In strong position- able to pass legislation
· Less representative
· Could lead to elective dictatorship
· EG. 1997 Tony Blair Labour 197 seat majority…read more

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Minority government
· No political party has absolute majority
· Can form a government but party must try
and gain support
· Rebellions may occur (legislation cannot be
· Have to have other party support
· More representative
· EG Wilson 1974…read more

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Coalition government
· No party has absolute majority
· Two or more parties agree deal to form a
· Ministerial positions shared between the parties
· Compromises made to suite ideologies
· More representative
· Less likely to have elective dictatorship
· EG. Cameron and Clegg 2010…read more

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